Day 3-Travel to Cork

Today we left Dublin and traveled to Cork, one of the largest county in Ireland. Here we are going to visit cove, the last stop that the titanic had before sinking in the Atlantic. Then we will venture our way to the city of Cork, and visit the speech department at the university of Cork. After driving four hours, we arrived in queens town where we saw where the Titanic last docked before it sunk in the Atlantic and where many immigrants would set off traveling to America. In Queenstown, we also learned about the tragedies history of the potato famine. Here many migrants lefts their families in hopes of bring back money and food, and starting a whole new life in America. After touring Queenstown we made it to Cork and visited the university of the college of Cork, visiting their speech department. Since we were running short on time, we unfortunately didn’t have time to visit the city of cork, and only visited the university. However, after talking to the tour guide we were able to fit in some time tomorrow to tour the city.



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